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Neck Massager - How To Use

1. Before use, wet the skin with a wet towel. To experience the best massage effect, please make sure the two electrode plates keep closely touching your skin. To help with this you should tie up your hair and take off necklaces before use. 

2. Long press the power button located on the side of the devise for two seconds. You will hear two beeping sounds, that means the massager is on.

3. To select the mode - press button Ⓜ on the remote control. The three modes (acupuncture, pulse & mode massage) can be switched on in the cycle.

4. To select intensity - press ''+'' on the remote control to increase and ''-'' to decrease . The intensity has 15 levels starting from 0.

5. To select heating press heating symbol on the remote control and then ''+'' to increase and ''-'' to decrease the temperature with the highest of 42°C ( 107.6°F )

6. Timing - the massager automatically turn off after 15 minutes. 


Please Note: This product is only intended for use by adults over the age of 18. Please do not use the product with the following medical conditions including, but not limited to:

- Heart pacemakers and other implantable medical electronic devices

- Artificial heart or/and lungs and other life-supporting medical devices

- Electrocardiographs

- Pregnant women

- Acute suppurative inflammation patients

- Patients with sensory impairment due to high peripheral circulatory disorders, including diabetes

We always recommend that you consult your personal healthcare professional if you have any questions about whether the intelligent neck massager is safe for you and your condition.